Nite Club Two Step

It’s time to upgrade from the “prom sway”! You remember the awkward arms around each other as you just shift your weight around a bit? Yeah that’s the prom sway and we’ve got a better solution for you now. The Nite Club Two Step is your answer for all of your slow songs.  We love the fact that this dance fits any slow song, no matter the genre! That makes this dance super versatile and useful. Dance to songs by artists like Alicia Keys, John Mayer, George Straight, Etta James it makes no difference as long as the song is slow.

Nite Club Two Step is very romantic and elegant. It’s danced socially across the US, and in Phoenix all over the Valley! You’ll be able to use this for the rest of your life. Just think of all the weddings and corporate events you’ve already been to and all the events ahead.

Don’t leave all the romance to others! It’s YOUR turn…

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