What should I wear on my dance lessons?

You want to wear something that is comfortable for you to move around in, so going casual is perfect. Regarding shoes, for men you should wear something with a slick bottom (like leather) and for ladies wear a shoe with a strap that you are comfortable moving in.

How long is each private lesson?

You should plan on being in the studio for an hour for each lesson. We have a 5 minute meet & greet at the beginning of your lesson. This allows you time to get settled in the studio and then we have 50 minutes of on the floor instruction. We keep track of your progress by writing down what we you learned in your lesson the last 5 minutes of the hour.

Do I need a dance partner?

No, in fact you will learn all the more because you are dancing directly with a professional instructor.

How often should I schedule  my private dance lessons?

In the beginning stages of learning to dance the more often you can come in the better. If your schedule allows, we suggest 2-3 lessons per week.  Keeping your lessons close together and how often you come in when you first get started will affect your progress greatly. We want you to gain the highest results in the shortest amount of time.

How much are private lessons?

We are currently running an Introductory Offer of $49! It’s a 45 minute introductory lesson! We want you to be able to come in and try it for yourself. We will go over our private lesson rates at the end of your first time in.

Where are you located?

Please contact us at 480-442-4814 or info@belladancestudios.com for more information. We book by appointment only so you will want to contact us rather than dropping by. We are located in Tempe, Arizona (cross roads are Elliot Rd and Rural) at:

931 E Elliot Rd
Tempe AZ 85284



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