Benefits Of Dance

Dancing has so many benefits for YOU. Here are a few…

Dancing has tremendous HEALTH benefits!
Dancing is great exercise! Not only is dancing great for the heart, your muscle tone increases, and you burn more calories!  You will increase in your balance, coordination,  strength & flexibility. Even athletes have utilized dancing to sharpen their skills with greater control & speed gaining an edge of over their competitors.

Get the CONFIDENCE you need on the dance floor and in social situations! 
When you learn how to dance, your self-confidence increases greatly and you are able to relax and have fun in more social situations.  We’ve found that this new-found confidence seems to transfer into other areas of your life as well. All of a sudden it seems as if the world holds more possibilities and many of our students have said they feel more open with a fresh perspective on life.  Yes, the possibilities are endless!

Build your SOCIAL LIFE!
In today’s society there are so many occasions that have social dancing. What a great way to get an introduction to someone whether it be for romance or building a friendship.  Unlike a date, when you are with one person all night, you could dance with many different people in a night and you now have a connection and something to talk about! The pressure is off!

Come and join the fun! Everyone else in the studio is there to learn the very same thing, how to dance! You’ll get to be around people who are positive, open and are there to have a good time- all the while getting to listen to great music!

Partner Connection- add ROMANCE!

If you already have a significant other, learning how to dance is a great way to to add romance and connect in a different way to your loved one! Many of our couples specifically use their dance lesson time as their scheduled time together, date night! In reality they are building something together that they can use for years to come. Those of our students that have said that they never went out dancing together before now have gained the confidence to venture out and in turn have a regular activity they can do together. For our singles who are still looking for love or companionship we find knowing how to dance makes it much easier!

DE-STRESS, relax and take it easy! 
With all the pressures from our daily lives sometimes we need an outlet and an environment where we can come in and forget about everything else for just a little while. Many of our students use their private dance lessons as just that. Scheduled time away just for themselves! What a great way to relax and unwind.

Self-Expression- EXPRESS yourself!
Everyone needs an outlet to express who they are and how they feel. Dance gives you the perfect outlet! When you can do this with another as well it really is special.

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